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From BlackBerry to Cross Platform Mobile a developer’s journey

Over on the site Stace, our head of development, has posted his thoughts on the journey he and his team have taken from BlackBerry JDE through to cross platform mobile and then on to the CESG plugins for Cordova, that we have recently open sourced.

Titled  Mobbu Developer Post #1 – Stardate 91532.88 it is well worth the read.

Open Source plugins to help app developers comply with CESG guidelines

Brighton Beach at low tide

To help government organisations and companies (like ourselves) developing mobile applications for government - CESG have released a set of application security guidelines for iOS. As a result of our own development work to ensure our mobile software products comply with these guidelines. We have decided the most positive approach would be to collaborate with others doing the same.

Our aim, by open sourcing the plugins that we have created, is that the community benefits and shares in the ongoing development and enhancement of this code. Making secure cross-platform mobile application development better, more secure and scrutinised. We hope that by doing this our colleagues in industry and our customers undertaking their own application development also contribute to the source code.

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Secure Mobile, where do you start?

picture of a telegraph pole with wires attachedUntil recently if you wanted to access corporate and or sensitive data when you were out and about, you used a BlackBerry, given to you by your IT department. Mobile networks were slow (at least by today’s standards) so rich data and applications were not used and you probably did not own an iPhone or a Nexus.

In the future much more of your time accessing sensitive corporate data will be on tablets and smartphones over fast networks in insecure environments. It seems odd to make that point as we all are so comfortable running our personal lives on these devices with our data in the cloud.

However right now it does not seem entirely clear how you can go about delivering the capabilities you have at home to people in the work place, wherever and whenever they need them. The secure mobile marketplace and the associated technology space are in flux, rapidly developing and we are all learning, all of the time. This article deals with the key trends as well as a way to start tackling the deployment of secure mobile data and the principles that will help you do this the right way.

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UK Government is going Agile and working more closely with SMEs: Why and is it working?

ISS passes over the UKWhy? [Why is UK government embracing Agile and wanting to work closely with SMEs?]

Agile project management (Scrum/Kanban) and software development (XP) principles and best practises are now mainstream and proven to deliver Software IT projects faster, at higher levels of quality and cheaper than traditional methods.

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Fingerprint security hacked! – is the iPhone secure?

finger print on a glass

From the news: [Is anything ever going to be secure] 

[Apple Touch ID fingerprint tech 'broken', hackers say]. 

[Touch ID hack verified as legit].


48 hours after the iPhone 5s launch, Touch-ID, its fingerprint security feature was “hacked”. Is the iPhone insecure? Can you rely on it to secure your data?


The hack is a physical exploit: if an attacker can get hold of your fingerprint, it’s possible to make something that mimics a finger and presents your fingerprint to the iPhone’s sensor, gaining access to your iPhone and data.

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Mobbu appoints Duncan Lewis as Chairman

Mobbu are delighted to announce that Duncan Lewis has joined our team, effective from 1 June as non-executive Chairman.


Duncan has over 27 years of experience in company restructuring and the development of start-ups, including: Senior Advisor in Telecommunications, Media and Technology to the Carlyle Group and Chairman of Jacobs Rimell until it was sold to Amdocs in April 2008.

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